Samsung sued in Brazil over factory working conditions

Samsung sued in Brazil over factory working conditions

Brazil’s Ministry of Labor is suing Samsung over working conditions in one of its factories. The lawsuit, which seeks a compensation of about $110 million, came after an assessment done by the ministry and found Samsung factory to have unfriendly working conditions.

Located in Zona Franca de Manaus, the factory had workers working for 10-15 hours on foot and having to work 27 days in a row without any holiday. As you would imagine, these conditions have resulted in back problems and other muscle related injuries to employees, with almost 2,018 requests (out of 5,600 employees) filing for removal due to health problems.

Naturally, Samsung denies everything, saying that it has yet to receive the complaint, while adding that they offer “highest industry standards of health, safety and welfare to their employees.”

This is not the first time the Korean giant has been accused of violating working conditions. Last year, one of Samsung’s suppliers in China was accused of child labor violation though an independent investigation proved otherwise.

Apple’s gotta be laughing now cause suddenly they’re not the only company under scrutiny for poor working conditions…

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    Big bad Samsung.

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