PS4 Release Date Announcement Coming Soon – Watch It Here!

Sony’s Gamescom press conference is just minutes away, and the whole thing’s going to be live streamed! You can watch it below starting at 10am PST (6 pm BST). Let us know what you think in the comments. We’ll be wrapping up and analyzing the event for you too!

Sony announced yesterday that the release plans for its PS4 will be announced today!

The internets have been blowing up with rumors that Sony might be pushing its PS4 release date up to October 21st. If the rumor is true, Sony would get a major leg up in the console war against Microsoft’s Xbox One – especially given recent news that the One’s release will be delayed in several markets. Still, a release date so early seems unlikely given all the usual supply chain pressures that face a console launch.

We’re about to find out. Watch it below!

Video streaming by Ustream

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