Looking For The Cheapest Wireless Plan? Check Out This Interactive Chart

Confused by all of the mobile plan options out there? I feel you. Thankfully, the Wall Street Journal has created an interactive wireless savings calculator which compares AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile to help find the perfect wireless plan for you.

The calculator takes a number of variables into account, such as how many lines, messages, data and voice minutes are needed. The calculator bases the two-year contract pricing on the iPhone 5, which is typically offered for around $200 when signing a new two-year contract. Unfortunately, the calculator doesn’t take into account pre-paid plans or activation fees, as well as other various features such as wireless hotspot functionality. The calculator doesn’t cover all wireless options or carriers, but is a great place to start.

Pretty much no matter which options you choose, T-Mobile is the best deal as far as monthly fees are concerned. T-Mobile is the only carrier on this chart that doesn’t subsidize it’s smartphones, meaning that customers have to bring their own devices or pay a monthly fee for a new device. Other carriers subsidize the smartphones up front, which then translate into higher monthly fees.

Check out the Wall Street Journal’s helpful chart here, and don’t forget to check out pre-paid options before making a final decision.

[Via: Wall Street Journal]

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    wow no wonder t-mobile is getting some attention – the savings are huge vs AT&T and Verizon even if coverage not on par.

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