Win A LG G2 And Uplinq 2013 Pass From IntoMobile & Qualcomm! [UPDATE – We Have a Winner!]

[UPDATE – We have chosen a winner and he has responded within the alotted time to claim his prize! Congrats to Jeff!!!]

If you’ve been dead set on the LG G2 since it was announced just a few weeks ago, then we have quite the giveaway for you! We’ve partnered up with Qualcomm to not only give one of our readers the new LG G2, but also a complimentary pass to Qualcomm’s Uplinq 2013 conference!

Qualcomm’s Uplinq conference will take place on September 3rd-5th in San Diego, and you’ll be able to find some great keynotes, and great conversations at the event.

Here are a few more details about what you can expect to see at Uplinq 2013:

Uplinq is a wireless ecosystem conference, hosted by Qualcomm, that provides a cross-platform view of how to exploit the complete hardware-software system in today’s wirelessly connected devices to produce the most compelling user experiences.  As computing continues to be redefined, Uplinq provides a view into where wireless technologies, products and services are heading, and the business connections essential to making money.

In addition to your free Uplinq pass, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a brand new LG G2. LG has stepped its game up significantly and the G2 is easily its best handset to date. Rocking a 5.2 inch Full HD IPS+ display, Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip, unique volume and power button placement, and just about every spec you’d expect in a high-end Android smartphone, the G2 should have many people excited!

Entering the contest is as easy as leaving a comment below. Tell what excites you most about the LG G2 or what you’re looking forward to seeing at Uplinq 2013! That’s all!

The winner will be chosen at 12PM (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, August 28th. The winner will be contacted via email and will have one hour to respond in order to claim the prize. After an hour has passed and the chosen winner hasn’t responded, a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

  • richard foster

    that 5.2 inch screen looks clear and crisp would love to get to grips with the g2 just hope being from the uk isn’t going to hinder my chances of winning this amazing piece of kit

  • spiffyfitz

    That razor thin bezel! Edge to edge display! LG’s come such a long way since my 8700 flip phone. The G2 is such a beautiful phone with specs to boot!

  • Travis Keany

    I’m excited to finally have a phone with some serious horsepower, and a solid battery to go with it. The GPU specifically is where android devices have been lacking and the Snapdragon 800 finally addresses that. The screen size is perfect too, this really is the phone I’ve been waiting for.

  • Kevin McCormick

    The edge to edge display and the great battery size is what is drawing me to the G2!

  • jtimes

    that thin bezel… oof!

  • Sir Grinklestien

    This has been the phone I have been waiting for! On screen nav, super thin bezel, nice large screen, and that unique key layout is making me go crazy wanting to try it!

  • Nick V

    Their battery tech, using all available space to keep this beauty moving along, along with those back buttons. I would like to see how developers can push more power through the chips, while saving battery life.

  • Alireza

    top points for me:
    -buttons on the back
    -good battery
    -running multiple app on screen at the same time and re-sizing windows
    -be able to recieve a call without kicking me out of running app
    -bigger screen but not bigger phone

  • Michael Sam Smith

    The lg G2 is the phone ive been fantasizing about since the first android phone the HTC g1. From the edge to display, one screen bottom like a nexus, to the back bottoms for easy use. The inside is mind blown, every android phone before this have been a let down one way or another but this phone meets every criteria that a mainstream user would want and a power user would want as well. Not to mention the new G2 sport a 13-megapixel camera like its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S4, it also runs Android 4.2.2 and has a vivid 1080p HD display. What else can I say but this phone is perfection itself.

  • bibbidy bop

    I’m looking to switch away from the iPhone and the lg g2 is the phone I’m looking at (top-end specs for future proofing and solid/top notch all-around features).

  • steverichter

    I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

  • Jeff Kirkpatrick

    The buttons on the back, such a great idea. The camera! Battery! Processors! LG’s screens are always so sharp! I’ll literally do a cartwheel and post it online if I win this phone! Actually, make that THREE!!!!!!

  • Rob Harrison

    What excites me most is the processor/GPU combo–that’s enough power, it ought to be future-proof. I’m looking forward to having a phone that will still have the power to run everything well two years from now.

  • Patrick Lee

    1) The volume buttons on the back
    2) 24 bit / 192 KHz audio support
    3) Snapdragon 800
    Thanks for enter me into the contest.

  • Jaime Amaya

    Looking forward to seeing what apps come from the Uplinq hackathon and how well the new button layout on the G2 works out.

  • Wes Veitch

    I almost got the Galaxy S4, but watching the release event live online got me really excited for special features that would actually make my day and time on the device easier. I’m most excited for the Answer Me, Guest Mode and Audio Zooming features (I record a lot of concerts). I have spending 3 months researching what my next phone will be, I know everything you can about the Samsung, HTC, and Motorola devices coming out, but the G2 was finally the phone I had been waiting for.

  • Dean

    As someone who moved from Blackberry to the iPhone when it first came out I am really looking forward to the edge to edge display and the ability to run multiple apps on screen at the sametime and with the ability to resize windows. The snapdragon chip also is a huge draw on my must have the latest and greatest. i’m frankly getting tired of the same ole iPhone and this just might be the phone that steers me away from Apple’s grips.

  • john

    I have been using LG Thrill since two years. Its a great phone except for the battery life. The new LG G2 with its 3000mah battery and super slim bezel makes me want it 🙂

  • jessem1323

    I really like the looks of this device. I love the bezels (or lack thereof), that Snapdragon 800 beast, and I am really curious about those buttons on the back.

  • Lulu

    Finally, a phone is coming out with all the specs that I’ve been waiting for. It’s the first time that I don’t have to make compromises in my choice. One very simple perk is that I am so looking forward to not accidentally pressing side buttons anymore!

  • EdisonB

    Can I have one pleaseeee! I am about to throw my S4 away any day now…

  • Sambhav

    I like the back placement of buttons. Qualcomm’s uplink is an amazing event for a student in EE.

  • James Alexander

    Definitely looking forward to great battery life along with the high resolution screen and qualcomm processor in the G2!

  • Michael

    I switched over from iOS to Android with the Galaxy Nexus and am never going back. Unfortunately, it has reached the point when its processing ability struggles to keep up. I’ve been researching phones for several months and have been largely unimpressed with the Galaxy S4, MotoX, and to a lesser degree HTC One and Droid MAXX. The HTC One is the most forward-thinking of the group, but all seemed to just be the “next in line” without really innovating.

    2 weeks ago I watched the G2 Launch and was blown away. It seems as though a bunch of engineers had a list of everything you aren’t supposed to be able to do in a phone and did every one of them. The innovation is definitely what has impressed me most about the G2. While keeping almost the same profile as the S4, they managed to:

    -Fit a bigger screen
    -Fit a bigger battery (and eliminate dead space to boot)
    -Reduce accidental button pressing
    -Make a phone viable for left-handed users (FINALLY!)

    On top of that, they’ve added an OIS camera, which is great for getting awesome quality photos from a phone.

    These would all be excellent features for any phone, but LG went a step further in putting a slightly-ahead-of-state-of-the-art processor with the Snapdragon 800. This processor more than fixes my current issues, it also stretches out battery life (which is huge for me). Combine this with LTE-a compatibility, this phone will be meeting expectations for several years.

    I don’t think saying that I want this phone is accurate enough. This phone has impressed me so much, I will be upset with myself for missing out on it.

  • siber storm

    Something something LG G2 BAAAAMMM!

  • kminer1

    Great screen and battery life! Thank You

  • gwevo

    Love the 5.2″ 1080p display and camera with OIS on LG G2

  • Joshua A.

    The 5.2″ FULL HD IPS is far above extraordinary compared to all other smartphones. The camera also stands out with its 13 MP shooter which includes OIS. The guest mode also seems to be a very great, innovative feature, especially for us parents with kids who love to play on our phones!

  • Joshua A.

    The 5.2″ FULL HD IPS is far above extraordinary compared to all other smartphones. The camera also stands out with its 13 MP shooter which includes OIS. The guest mode also seems to be a very great, innovative feature, especially for us parents with kids who love to play on our phones!

  • Joshua A.

    The 5.2″ FULL HD IPS is far above extraordinary compared to all other smartphones. The camera also stands out with its 13 MP shooter which includes OIS. The guest mode also seems to be a very great, innovative feature, especially for us parents with kids who love to play on our phones!

  • Nekeyma Martin

    The Innovation of the design of LG’s G2 is phenomenal. Buttons on the back of the device that speak to natural ergonomics of right or left hand placement while talking on the device is brilliant. The beauty of the specs speak volumes. Dual Camera & Video Functionality, 13.1 mp back-facing camera, 2.1 front facing, ois, photo editing, the ability to multi-task by windows and sliding the screens to the side for retrieval so that you dont lose where you are. The guest mode fairs wonderfully for my kids and other noisy adults;). Overall I look forward to the presentation of my very own free LG G2!!!

  • Austin Weiss

    The thing that I am looking for the most in the G2 has got to be the awesome power of the new Qualcomm snapdragon 800 and the Adreno 330 powering this new beast of a phone, and not to mention the 3000 mAh battery to power it all day!!!

  • Michael Meservy

    That screen, bezels, button placement, batteries, and actual useful software enhancements are all amazing. What isn’t to love?

  • Chris Hunter

    The first sprint Tri-band LTE phone, the IR blaster the volume keys and power button on the back what is there not to like about this Galaxy S4 killer/ iPhone 5c/s killer thefacttat LG is gliving customers a good phone with good specs including 32gb of onboard storage and of course snapdragon 800

  • Robin E.

    Having one of the best specs of any android phone and being on all four major U.S. carriers excites me most about the LG G2-plus it has a monster processor!

  • rundavidrun

    Too many cool things to mention them all, but to name a few: knock the phone to turn screen on/off — no more fumbling for that tiny power button, 13MP camera with awesome optical image stabilization, smarter text messages, answer phone by moving up to ear, built-in home entertainment remote control, and a cool three-finger slide gesture to switch between apps!

  • Edward

    The Lg G2 has a lot of amazing and exciting features such as knock knock, power button and volume buttons on the back which will help and easy access to the camera by simple holding the volume button. I also like the 13MP camera since it has optical image stabilization. I hope i win the this amazing phone.

  • Bassma Khalid

    Blazing fast data speeds, processor almost on par with laptops, and a volume rocker/power button on the back of the phone what else is there to ask for? Oh wait a 13mp rear camera sensor with image stabilization. Knock to wake and a 3000mah battery if I’m not mistaken. The latest version of android and 5.5″ HD display. Did I die and go to heaven. And as well, the chance to attend a conference learning of the latest and greatest of computing technologies. I think I did die. P.S. just bricked my previous daily phone and I would love to acquire the latest and greatest.

  • Cruz Portelli

    The LG G2 has me just on the innovative positioning of the power button and volume rocker, I have had many Samsung phones and their design is starting to get played out. LG is not recognized as it should be for it’s innovation in communication technology. As well, the fact that this super phone’s processor performance will not rival my laptop is astonishing. I love being at the forefront of technology, but do not always have the means of doing so, therefore winning this prize would be quite helpful and an opportunity to see up and coming innovations in communication technology would be an honour.

  • Keon Paulino

    Snapdragon 800, OIS Camera, Innovative design. Theres nothing NOT to love!

  • cabbott9

    That Snapdragon 800 and the 5.2 IPS display are the two specs that make this phone killer. I want one

  • gee too

    all the features and the phone itself, that’s what excite me. i want one!

  • RK

    Looking forward to highlighting the G2’s prowess as I demo my app at Uplinq’s Hackathon (OpenCL + OpenGL ES 3.0 => mind-boggling graphics).

    Also, the chance to meet Marc Andreessen!

  • Micah Madru

    I’m excited to see the 800 series cpu compared to the 600 and how much more powerful it is!

  • edward s.

    the phone i wanted since it’s been announced..
    5.2 inch display
    snap 800
    and the intriguing buttons on the back!

  • edgar m.

    i love the innovative design ( especially the back buttons), you can always press the button on the sides, so putting them on the back is a good idea! and of course, the powerful cpu and gpu inside of it!

  • C.V.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this new phone and give the snapdragon 800 a go. The placement of the buttons a refreshing touch.

  • Jared Keplinger

    LG G2: Large screen, extremely slim bezel, software keys, 4G LTE/LTE-A support, ergonomically placed volume rocker and power button, Snapdragon 800 with Adreno 330 GPU, OIS 13mp camera, IPS full HD LCD, QI charging available through VZW, I could go on and on! Simply put, hopefully I will own this phone in the near future.

  • Peter Bishop

    The best smartphone is definitely the LG G2
    Here’s why:
    -Qualcomm 800 plus 2 GB of RAM
    -13 MegaPixel with Image Stabilizer camera
    -Rear button and almost buttonless(designed for firm grip, which is great because every time I drop my phone it’s always because I was changing the volume)
    -HI FI quality sound
    -Light weight
    -Great design
    -Big screen but with very small bezel
    -Great features

    — Knockon

    — AudioZoom
    — Textlink

    — Guest mode
    and lastly, 3000 mAh battery. Couldn’t think of any phone better than LG G2

  • ashwani kumar

    Been waiting for a long time for this power monster to launch!! fastest processor on board backed up by a unique design (back volume rockers).. ,,,and a powerful shooter whenever and wherever u need it. to top that i have to never touch that power button again to unlock.. all in all dream come true ..cant wait for that beauty to land in my hands soon!!

  • Sergio Revuelta

    The LG G2 is probably the best product that LG has released and it has the potential of beating other current flagships.

  • Joshua Martin

    Extensive and well-thought design engineering, with an intuitive near bezel-less screen and with a unique button placement based on hand and finger placement posture when handling the phone to better operate it comfortably; preloaded with the Snapdragon 800 – the fastest processor so far this year; probably the best 13 Megapixel Android camera you’ll find this year – with optical image stabilization.

    Special screen imaging technology to help combat screen fatique better; first phone to feature DRAM; a graphical imaging processing technique that will conserve battery life; improved, professional audio processing technology, Hi-Fi – gives you a more realistic audio experience. All housed with a respectable 3,000 mAh battery. The LG G2 is superbly crafted.

  • Guest

    Wow..Great giveaway first.
    What I like about LG G2 is …. … .. . Volume and Power button (obviously) and the guest mode.. which is very helpful to me. 🙂

  • moses bangura

    my first phone was a old brick nokia and now i am still using the same 2011 Samsung galaxy ace. i have to admit i am getting quite tired of android 2.3 but none of these new phones made me want to upgrade. The HTC One was quite a good phone but it wasn’t as innovative as i thought it would be. So, i was waiting for the next best thing and i think i have found it in the LG G2.

    in your hand it feels the same size as the HTC one but has a much bigger screen which is great because i hated the massive size of the galaxy note 2 and i expected the G2 to be around that size.
    as well as this, the lte doesnt drain the life out of your phone since is has such a big battery.
    not to mention the Snapdragon 800 is much faster and snappier than snapdragon 600.

    but being a left hander i have to say that the button placement is my favourite thing about the phone.
    man do i really want this phone

  • Roy

    Coming from a Galaxy Nexus that quickly got outdated I am so excited for the new LG G2. WIth all the latest technology packed in, I think this phone is going to be the closest thing to being future-proof in the face of the breakneck speed technology is increasing!

  • Edward Eatman

    The big screen & big battery in the smallest form factor possible! My current phone is on it’s last leg. This phone is desperately needed. Thanks.

  • Kush Fiend

    I have been following this phone way before its August 7th announcement. I’m still rockin’ my Galaxy Nexus, because I’ve yet to find something that offers enough for me to switch. Finally a phone providing some incentive. Snapdragon 800, adreno 330, 13MP OIS camera, 5.2 inch screen on a phone not much bigger than my nexus. Oh yeah 3000mah battery to keep it going. My nexus used to have bad battery life, but now it’s atrocious. WANT THIS PHONE BAD!!

  • BillJude56

    As a first-time smartphone owner(GS3) new to Android, I admit to being pretty happy with what I’ve got. But, wait a sec, what the hell do I know? When I’ve seen and read about the Optimus G Pro, I’ve felt like Odysseus strapped to a mast. Now comes the LG G2 and I’ve completely lost control, fearing no mast can restrain me. The features that excite me are too numerous to list. So briefly, the processor, screen size/clarity, battery, ergonomic design, camera, audio,…If contacted, I’ll have 59 minutes to spare.

  • cyc32

    One word: Perfection. The LG G2 is by far one of the most amazing phones out there. Too bad people are being advertized the same thing over and over again, like the Galaxy or iphone. I Hope I win, plus I already live in San Diego 😉

  • Corey Henry

    My most anticipated feature is the display. Namely the size and quality of the display. I’m due for an upgrade, and have been looking at several phones lately. The Note-2, I like, but the phone is too big, has a lacking display (in comparison to competitors) and has been out for a while. The S4 on the other hand is nice, but in comparison to the Note 2, it is too small, and reminds me too much of the S3. The G2 on the other hand, comes with a lot of new features, a fast processor, and is the perfect medium in regards to screen size and quality; 5.2″ with a full HD display.

  • Jon

    The LG G2 is a huge step for smartphones because it delivers first rate specs, but also realizes that some consumers want a phone that is going to last them for a full day without having to go to a charger. With a 3000 mAh battery and new technology that “rests” the battery while the screen is frozen, the LG G2 should easily be able to get me through a heavy day of use. I take a train to work and I’m on the train for at least 30 minutes each way. During those 30 minutes I surf the net, play games, watch videos, and more…. all on my phone. So I need a high quality phone with great specs and a battery than can power me through a full day. The LG G2 is definitely the phone for me – I just can’t wait for it to be released in the US!

  • Tina L.

    The 2.26 GHz Qualcomm Processor!!!!

  • Swoops212

    LG G2 is spectacular! Stoked to check out the gorgeous 5.2 screen, snappy snap 800, 2 GB ram smoothness, and 3000 mah battery that will let me play all day!

  • cris

    I could enumerate a lot of pluses of this phone and what I like to love but I challenge you to tell me what they might do not like about this awesome phone??

  • Aaron

    SnapDragon 800 + 13MP OIS + Display + KnockOn = AWESOME!!!
    …and my 3rd grade teacher told me math wasn’t my thing!

  • Tim Grzadzinski

    The ginormus processor is what first grabbed my attention, but the rear button placement has grown on me since I first saw it.

  • Stephen Kirt

    I am extremely excited about the G2. I want to get away from this Windows Phone. Help me please!?

  • Corey Bovalina

    Big screen, long battery life

  • Kazu

    Wow. Nice.

  • renee scott

    i love how big the screen is and i like that the actual size of phone isnt too big its slightly bigger than the gs4 and the battery life is a plus

  • Matthew H

    Looking forward to the speed and battery life on a non-samsung phone

  • tom preece

    I would love to have one.

  • DefaultUser

    Great job LG, love what I’ve seen so far. Gorgeous display with a very small bezel, camera with image stabilizer, ergonomic button placement and a decent sized battery! Add a Google Edition puleeeze!!!

  • ajm531

    The Camera is what excites me the most. I love sharing and fun features with my cameras. So this 13mp camera will give me some of the most crisp and clear photos and videos to share with friends and family. Also its a power sensor so im sure it will have some great features

  • I am excited to see what LG G2 has to offer. I really enjoyed the Nexus 4 so I wonder what LG can do next if they make another nexus.

  • Nick Whelan

    What excites me most about the G2 is the 5.2 inch 1080 display and the 13 mp camera with OIS!

  • wilson

    well, everything about the G2 excites me!
    the new experience that this phone is going to offer is refreshing.
    and i’m sure i’m gonna love it!

  • courtney

    latest cpu, gpu! i mean, everything about the LG G2 is top of the line!
    for me, this is the phone to beat this year!

  • dolores antonio

    i’m already inlove with this phone!
    i would love to have one right now! 🙂

  • Claud Rivers

    I need this phone

  • Brian

    I don’t know what would be a better prize, going to Uplinq or the G2. I think that the G@ will be the best flagship phone from any manufacturer this year and into next, top level specs with some great software add-ons that are unique and thoughtful (on screen button changes). Pick me, Pick me!

  • Alex G.

    My most awaited phone of the year, and i wanna see that Uplinq!
    LG G2 rocks!!

  • krista soledad

    I think all the phones right now has a huge similarities.
    But the LG G2? it’s different, that’s why i want it!

  • Toni Wilkins

    the back buttons
    latest quallcomm cpu and gpu
    5.2 inch display
    3000 mah battery
    and some additional features like KnockOn! that’s really exciting

  • Solly

    Image stabilization, knock on, guest mode

  • Craig Corbeels

    The specs are awesome, but the best part is it seems like it actually has a bigger battery to support using them!

  • Ethan Bailey

    the features im looking forward to most are the small bezel and processing power. i also like LG’s additional features to the android software for multitasking

  • David Kim

    Best phone in the market so far… Amazing 2.26GHz Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip, 13MP OIS camera, LG’s unique features such as Guest mode and rear keys. LG has done a great job. can’t wait to get the phone!

  • Joe E.

    Really the raw power and efficiency of the snapdragon 800 and the optimal image stabilization of camera. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Stephen Nierzwicki

    I love what the G2 brings to the table, from the rocking processor, to the huge screen and massive battery to power it. The unique power and volume buttons help make it stand out from the crowd, and the edge to edge screen really maximizes viewing pleasure. Outstanding job on this phone, can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • GN2

    being GN2 user, I was blowned away by the screen and real estate on the phone. I am a left handed person and this phone speaks to me every time I watch a review. I like the features on the camera and the speed of the processor. it is thin and looks much better than the GN2. I unimpressed by the other phones even the GS4 but this one made me rethink my position and would not mind replacing my GN2. Actually I won’t wait for the GN3 since I am also buying the 3D LG 46 smart LCD/LED tv and I will replace the magic wand remote control with the new LG G2 phone. Wow!!! great job LG

  • Li

    The camera shortcuts and rear keys. The IPS screen is also great! Looking forward to the fantastic screen!

  • daviddcmd

    LG has always had great displays and quality builds, the only thing lacking is the camera. This phone might be the answer to that. Looking forward to it.

  • William Wong

    The processing speed of the Snapdragon 800 as well as improved graphics performance and application performance because there is 1GB RAM dedicated to the GPU as well as 2GB of RAM for applications. Being able to listen to the high Hi-Fi sound and the improvement to sound from changing where the phone speakers are placed. I’m also interested in what is next on the roadmap of products from Qualcomm and the capabilities that devices in 2014/2015 will have

    • Travis Keany

      I think you’re wrong about the 1GB of RAM dedicated to the GPU. There’s 2GB of RAM total. The G2 does make use of GRAM, but this is a battery saving measure, not a performance enhancement.

      • William Wong

        I believe LG is calling that the Graphic RAM for pixel cache, reduce screen power consumption, etc.

  • Travis Keany

    Bigger screen, faster CPU *and* GPU, more RAM. I’m on Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus which has been nice from a software perspective, but I’m ready to have more horsepower under the hood.

  • Jay Sh

    This phone has so many exciting new features! I love the slim bezel which allows for more viewing area and the 13MP camera! Also it has enough juice with the 3000 mAh battery allowing for heavy usage. I can’t wait for it to be released!

  • David

    I need a new android phone with big screen and big battery life 🙂

  • Daniel Padilla

    everything i need is in this phone!
    G2, top smartphone of the year!! 🙂

  • Andromeda

    Lot’s of people are still waiting for some upcoming phone
    this coming September. But guess what?
    The LG G2 will smoke them all!

  • Jenny de Guzman

    5.2 full hd screen
    3000mah stepped battery
    rear button keys (new but exciting)
    knock on
    slide aside, and some other goodies!
    now that’s exciting!

  • Tom

    I am looking forward to the camera and battery life. Those are the two things that matter most to me right now, and I hope this phone delivers where others have failed!

    I love LG!!!

  • Paul M

    I have never owned a bad LG product…I can’t wait to get one of these phones so I can watch it blow the competition away…With all the cutting edge technology it comes with, this phone is going to make my telecommunication experience a breeze! I also like the Guest feature it comes with, because anyone with kids knows that in this day in age, they want to play on your phone any chance they get! Knowing they can do it safely with out interrupting my personal and business information on the phone is Awesome!

  • Doan

    I’m interested in real-world battery life of the device.

  • Steve Izikoff

    I will leave it plain and simple LG products in general speak quality. I have an LG Washer/Dryer setup, refrigerator, 3 Televisions, lets keep the quality all together

  • SebInto

    Oh, how I want the new G2
    The thought of having it makes me feel all soft
    Like Winnie the Pooh
    Quad-core 800, man that’s something
    Everyone’s jumping on the LG Bandwagon
    They gotta have the new QC Snapdragon

    Knock twice to wake up
    What could be cooler?
    Can’t wait to snap away
    With that 13 MP shooter

    September 12th is right on the horizon
    Dear phone company, my contract is up
    I’m moving to Verizon!

    QuickMemo before I go
    5.2 is such a perfect size
    You don’t even know!
    Not to mention the slim bezel
    Oh, how that rear button is gonna dazzle

    I’m not a rapper or a writer
    But I had to make this song
    Thanks for the G2 opportunity
    Intomobile & Qualcomm !

  • giulio

    well…the phone as a faster cpu and improved gpu ..virtually not waiting time and sharp and fast graphic render,can shoot video at 60fps ..slowmo more sharp and clear then the rest ,beautyful the knock knock on the front panel to wake it up,camera I guess is fine from online samples and I think more usefull futures that you will use compare to an s4 that half of the options never gone be used !!!Even “Tony stark” uses LG …ha ha ha…Future improvement it is always welcome if it is made with the brain!!thanks

  • Mark Schneider

    There is a lot to like about the LG G2, screen size, processor, etc.. but what I’d like to see the most is the new controls on the back.

  • Erick Ramirez

    While looking for a new phone to replace my now ageing Galaxy S III I found videos of the LG G2 announcement. Having been looking at LG for a while, and reading reviews on their LG Optimus G and G Pro its evident that LG is shaping up to be a tough competitor (Samsung shouldn’t worry about apple. they should worry about LG)

    When I watched videos of the LG renouncement and its features I was very very surprised. The specs are top of the line, without even using it i can tell it will destroy even my brothers HTC One. Aside from the powerful chipset and 2 gigs of ram, this phone boasts a gorgeous display. A 423 PPI, 1080p IPS+ LCD display, a nerd’s delight. I was more impressed by how they fit a 5.2 inch display on a phone roughly the same size as my S3, that just blew me away!

    One thing people automatically hate on the G2 are the back buttons. The back buttons is probably one of the biggest reasons that I’m sold on this phone. On my S3 i would find myself accidentally hitting the power button when I’m holding it landscape, or accidentally turning up my volume on my earphones. These back buttons are perfectly placed and will make the phone easier to use!

    3,000 mAh is such an enormous battery! I envy my father whose Note II (3,100 mAh) gets around 20 hours on a regular day! my phone barely lasts 8 hours.

    Lastly, the UI. In my opinion LG has the most understated UI and I love that! I get tired of looking at my overly colorful and “bubbly” looking icons on TouchWiz that make it look almost cartoonish.

  • Mark Biebel

    Holding onto my old phone that dies in 5 hours JUST to get the LG G2! It’s worth the wait, even if that means lugging a dead phone around until it comes out.

  • Cynthia Mitchell

    I am so-o-o feeling and wanting this phone! I’m ready to escape from my iPhone. Call me crazy, but I miss my Android experience. The 5.2″ screen- Yea! The 13 megapixel cam- Yea! The 2.3 gHz- Yea! Tap on- Yea! (my iphone “on button is holding me hostage- maybe on, maybe not- Ugh! I need this phone! I want this phone. With Sprint Tri-band LTE, just maybe I can use my phone in my house and not have to go outside- Blah! LG G2 take me away, please!!!!

  • Peter DeMent

    I am coming from IPhone5 and want a bigger screen. The G2 packs the most screen in the smallest package that I can hold comfortably in one of my big hands.

  • kmilzee

    The time has come to upgrade my phone. Based on my current experiences I have been very picky about my next choice. There are some great phones out there and knew there was more coming out in the next few months. My husband encouraged me to research several phones like HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2, and hopefully coming out soon the Nexus 5. After much research we are leaning towards the LG G2 or HTC One. After watching the video just released today, I am seriously impressed, this phone rocks! The stunning detail of the screen, awesome audio quality, and great camera features. This phone is more that a cellphone its a mini computer, camera, tv remote with endless potential.

  • Diego Ramirez

    From the day I saw the unveiling video online, I knew this would be one of the best devices of the year. Previously, I saw the LG Optimus G Pro and it seems like an excellent device, but the G2 looks like a geek’s dream come true! The 1080p IPS+ display sounds way better than my S3’s cartoony AMOLED display! I knew this phone would be a master at handling games since it has the new Snapdragon 800 and an enormous battery to keep it running for the day. Everything about the phone looks top of the line and I know it’ll be the best device I’ve ever owned and filling in all the areas where other companies like Samsung and HTC have failed!

  • Sreeram Krishnamoorthy

    Big screen, big battery and great design what more can you ask for…

  • Brandon Hawkes

    I was not a big fan of LG until their recent improvement of products. Great Job LG on the work put into making this… over impressive phone! I love the true 1080 5.2 display with a thoughtful 3000mAh battery to power it. And probably best of all, SPEED!, the Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip. I’m excited and can’t wait to replace my galaxy S2. I have been checking just about everyday waiting to see if LG has given a release date. BETTER SOONER THAN LATER LG!! I’m holding out for the BEST!

  • papajohnny

    i like the 5.2″ HD screen and a big battery!

  • Alex Jong

    I’m excited for the LG G2!! First to use snapdragon 800 with a new button design and slimmest bezel than any other phone!

  • aj34

    the processing speeds on this phone knocks my socks off! I want to upgrade to this phone. Pretty please

  • Stephen Fox

    The LG G2 is the perfect answer to smartphone: awesome battery, natural “in-hand feel”, logical design, user profiles to let the kiddies play on the phone, and great Android skin. I feel it could be phone of the year if people (non-Android and Android fans alike) would pick it up. Its gonna be awesome

  • Andy T

    I would have to say the focus on audio as well as a larger battery is HUGE. One of my biggest wants/needs in a phone, and LG did a great job of making these features and not afterthoughts like everyone else out there. LG getting it right

  • reaper133113

    I am so pumped for this phone! I have used HTC from the Eris – Rezound and cannot WAIT for this phone. It’ll be my first non-HTC phone but what better company to pick than LG + Qualcomm teaming up. The phone is gorgeous and the innovative back buttons will feel phenomenal! I would love to go to Uplinq 2013 as well to get up to speed with the hardware/software capabilities of todays chips. It would greatly enhance my development skills I posses with android.


  • mog386

    It may seem kinda hokey and gimmicky but the thing that absolutely excites me about the G2 is the the rear buttons. I have always found the buttons on my Gnex to be in a really bad place. It doesn’t feel natural.

  • bossk

    I want it cause I want it! Gimmuh!

  • Sara Ashley

    I am thrilled about the 13 MP camera and the prospect of taking excellent low light photos due to the image stabilization. I watched the launch via live stream and was blown away!

  • Marisa9710

    I really like the knock on feature!!!

  • MJBigDeal

    I love its power and beauty. The processor is a beast and the body is beautiful, great size. Hope I get picked b/c I so need an upgraded phone!

  • ewilliams1009

    I am interested in going to the Uplinq hackathon. I love the challenge of coding under a short deadline. Thanks IntoMobile for a super contest! Good luck all!

  • Liana

    I’ve personally had a phone from nearly every company, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, iPhone, and LG! I can honestly call myself a phone-addict, someone who needs to have the latest and best phone all the time. Out of all the phones I’ve used, I won’t be going back to iPhone. While iPhone is simple and easy to use, that is also where they are flawed. They lack room for growth and innovation whereas Android is user friendly and allows others to customize as they please.

    The primary reason why I am eager to switch over to the LG G2 is because of the Snapdragon 800 processor. Technology grows way too fast and there is a need for speed. The camera is absolutely amazing also, which is essential to every phone.

    The bigger screen, battery, and innovative back button camera design are all just bonuses to a great phone.

  • Guest

    I want to win a new phone!!! Upgrade me from the LG Optimus G to the new LG G2!!!

  • Luigi Marazzi

    LG has made an amazing comeback with the Optimus G line. I personally have the Optimus G for ATT and the build quality was amazing. I am excited to see the advances in the LG G2 first hand. I have been waiting for LG to release the G2 and have been reading up on every article I could find regarding the G2. I have been following it since the early leaks that came out. The G2 seems to be the perfect size with that edge to edge bezel, making it slightly bigger than current 5 inch phones. I am pleased to see more innovation coming from LG, specifically the rear rocker to provide a more natural way of controlling the device. I am so pleased with what LG has been doing lately.

  • reaper133113

    congrats to the winner! (not me)


    Learning from us Qualcomm 800 plus 2 GB of RAM AudioZoom 3000 mAh SiO+ battery
    13 MegaPixel with OIS camera
    Rear Key
    Dual Recording/ Dual Camera
    5.2″ Full HD IPS D?splay 1920×1080
    Full HD 60fps Recording/Playback

    8x Digi
    Sapphire Crystal Glass Lens
    Multi-point AF (9 Points)

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