Samsung Galaxy Gear To Have Five Color Options

Galaxy Gear to rock an OLED screen and dual-core CPU?

We’re beginning to hear more and more about Samsung upcoming smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, and it could be coming sooner than you think. Expected to be officially announced on September 4th, Samsung’s smartwatch is one of the second (decent) Android-based smartwatches to be announced, and it should have people pretty excited. Most recently, the colors of the Galaxy Gear have been revealed with 5 options to choose from.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear is said to ship in white, black, orange (thank you, Samsung!), grey, and white gold. The color options may seem a bit limited, but we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung offered up more colors for the Galaxy Gear later on. The white, black, orange, and grey color variants are expected to be released on week 39, somewhere in between September 23rd – 29th, with the white-gold color option releasing the following week.

The Galaxy Gear is said to rock a 2.5 inch OLED display, dual-core CPU, along with a camera, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and accelerometer.

While smartwatches are still nothing more than a novelty item, the Galaxy Gear and the recently announced Sony Smartwatch 2 certainly have our ears perked up.

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[Sammobile via UnwiredView]

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