Samsung’s S Health Buddy makes it more interesting to exercise

S Health Buddy

Samsung’s S Health is already great app for tracking steps, cycling or any other physical activity. That, however, may not be enough for some users who would like to graphically follow their own progress. Enter S Health Buddy, a complementary app that gamifies S Health with some new features.

You start by creating an animated character on the basis of your height, weight and favorite exercise type. From this point forward this avatar will following you, graphically illustrating your progress or their lack off. For instance, it will lose the weight as you do.

There’s also a leaderboard that will showcase the users along with the badges they earned after the workout session. Of course, you can also brag about your achievements by sharing these badges on social networks.

S Health Buddy runs on Android 4.2.2 and as I’m writing this it’s not available all over the world. That said, we expect to see it hitting the global Play Store in the near future.

[Via: SammyHub]

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