BBM for iOS and Android User Guides Surface; Still no Official Release Date

While we’re still waiting for an official release of BBM for iOS and Android, user guides for BlackBerry’s messaging app have surfaced online. A user guide for an app? That’s a new one to us, but we’ll check it out anyway.

BlackBerry has stated in the past that BBM for iOS and Android would be coming at the end of the summer, but so far that’s all we’ve heard officially. Unfortunately, the user guides contain no images of the app in action, but they do detail the functionality of the app.

Along with its core features such as sending text messages, photos and voice messages, BBM will bring features such as BBM Groups, profiles, emoticons and contact blocking. BBM for iOS and Android is lacking a few BBM features however, such as screen sharing, video calling and BBM channels.

We should be seeing the BBM app for iOS and Android by the end of September. If you’re curious, check out the user guides below.

[Via: N4BB]

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