That black iPhone 5C? It’s supposedly a fake

Earlier this week, photos allegedly of a black iPhone 5C were spotted on Chinese website Weibo. These photos made their way through the rumor mill, but like so many other rumors, these snapshots are probably false.

Sonny Dickson chimes in on the black iPhone 5C rumor and claims the photos are of a cheap Chinese knock-off. He adds that Apple never planned to make a black model in the first place and that green, yellow, white, blue and red will be the selected color options for the budget iPhone model. We won’t have to wait too much longer to find out the truth about the iPhone 5C as the expected ¬†September 10th¬†announcement event is right around the corner.

[Via Sonny Dickson]

  • Whyrd


  • Jorgen_Henreksen

    Suppose all of the leaks are wrong and there is no budget iPhone? Remember all the leaks about an iPhone 5 in 2011, only it turned out to be an iPhone 4S? Ya never know.

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