Yet Another Gold iPhone 5S Leak Appears

The rumors and leaks have been coming out steadily, and all signs are pointing to a gold iPhone 5S. Now App Advice has dropped another set of images showing the housing for a gold iPhone 5S in the wild.

The leaked pictures clearly show the device’s rear plate have leaked, giving us even more evidence a gold iPhone 5S exists. We reported earlier this week about previous leaks and the evidence is mounting that Apple will be unveiling its latest flagship in gold and maybe champagne. To the fanatics who are sick of white and black, Apple should be announcing something new for you next month!

The high-resolution images show off a near complete backplate of the gold iPhone 5S, along with its sleep/wake button, sim tray, and the volume rocker. Previous reports pointed to the device coming with white accents, and that appears to be the case.

Apple’s gold iPhone is a big departure from its clean, understated designs of the past. Along with the multi colored iPhone 5C line, the gold 5S signals a new leaf for Cupertino. The gold iPhone 5S will appeal to a flashier market. Also the lower price point and multiple color options of the iPhone 5C will appeal to a similar market that Motorola is targeting with its Moto X.

[Via: App Advice]

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