LG “G TV” trademark signals upcoming Google TV device?

There’s no secret that Google TV hasn’t been the biggest success since it launched almost three years ago. Arguably, LG has been the loyalist manufacturer when it comes to supporting the failed Google experiment. Now the Korean OEM could be developing another Google TV box on the low, as it just recently trademarked the name “LG G TV.”

Of course it’s all speculation at this point. We don’t know if this is another box or a TV set similar to what Sony offered a couple of years back. Hell, for all we know, LG could be prepping their own Chromecast-like dongle for the TV as well.

With all that said, it makes no sense for LG to continue to support Android on a box or potentially a TV set because of the company’s acquisition of webOS. LG made it clear that it fully intended to use the failed mobile operating system for future Smart TV’s, so continuing to push Android heavily is somewhat puzzling. But again, no one knows what they’re planning. It isn’t entirely out of the realm for LG to push both Android and webOS for their TV devices.

We want to know what you think. Should LG scrap plans working on Android powered TV devices to focus on webOS?

[via phandroid]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    webOS on TV could be amazing. 🙂

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