NVIDIA Shield Plays Old School Games Well, Too

While the NVIDIA Shield is essentially an ultra powerful Android tablet with a controller attached to it, some may have overlooked a very simple aspect of what the Shield can do. The handheld doesn’t necessarily have to be about playing the most graphic intensive games available for it, or even streaming games from your Kepler PC. Since this is Android device, you have a wealth of emulators that you can download to play classic games that you grew up with.

Household Hacker recently posted a video highlighting many of the top emulators for Android that can take advantage of the Shield’s controller. NES, SNES, Sega, N64 emulators are all accounted for, bringing a new way to play with your Shield. Some of the more savvy Android users out there may have already been using emulators for the Shield, which aren’t hard to find, but those new to this handheld may enjoy the video below!

So what are you waiting for? Get your MarioKart on now!

  • Dana W

    These things are great for emulation. Everything except DDR. There is just a touch of audio slowdown still. About half a second. Just enough to mess it up. But its still great!

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