Rumor: Could The iPhone 5C Be Rocking LiquidMetal Protection?

It looks as though the upcoming iPhone 5C could be touting some pretty hefty protection to protect its colorful plastic casing. ItProPortal is postulating that the iPhone 5C could come with LiquidMetal scratch-resistant coating, after a video from Apple Daily showed the device surviving a barrage of objects attempting to scratch the phone’s case.

Apple and LiquidMetal have a licensing agreement which was fist inked in 2010, and was extended on 2012 to last until February, 2014. With such an impressive showing after being subjected to abuse, it’s possible that Apple has decided to take advantage of their deal with LiquidMetal.

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 5C at a press conference on September 10th, at which point we’ll see just what the plastic device is packing.

[Via: ItProPortal] [Image: RSC]

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