AA battery-powered SpareOne Plus now available for $79.99

SpareOne Plus

SpareOne Plus, the AA battery-powered mobile phone we’ve first seen during this year’s CES, is now available for purchase for $79.99. That, of course, is the price of an unlocked, SIM-free unit and you get to choose on which network you’ll be using it.

As an upgrade to the original SpareOne phone, the Plus model packs several new features such as audible function feedback (that reads the number dialed and operational functions aloud), a panic siren function and SOS flashing torchlight mode. In addition, it has the capability to activate Locate and Alert Services that will identify the approximate location of the SpareOne Plus by relying on the surrounding cell towers information, and inform pre-defined contacts on the phone’s location.

This new service will officially launch on September 1st, and will be offered for free for one year to the first 500 folks who buy the SpareOne Plus. Afterwards, it will be offered for $30 per year…

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