Instagram to hit Windows Phone “in due time,” says Nokia executive

Windows Phone has been a thing for a couple of years now, and yet the official Instagram app still hasn’t found its way on the platform. Rumors have circulated about the wildly popular photo sharing application hitting Microsoft’s mobile OS for some time now. Today’s nugget of information comes from a Nokia executive by the name of Chris Weber.

Weber, in a recent trip to Thailand, did what most do in his position, which is speak in great conjecture. He said a bunch of things like the ambition to overtake Samsung in market share, and the arrival of the official Instagram app “in due time.”

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s expected of all executives to give the same response about Instagram coming to Windows Phone whether they’re from Nokia or Microsoft. What else can they say? It’s a bit of a travesty the app isn’t on the platform, as it deprives million of users.

This is why many third-party apps such as 6tagram is feeling the void for millions of left out Windows Phone users. However the official Instagram hasn’t made things easy for developers and users with its recent decision to delete all photos posted from third-party apps.

Regardless, every party needs to work hard in getting this problem taken care of. Windows Phone can no longer be overlooked, it needs to be acknowledged as a practical mobile operating system. Keeping an app away from people who love using it isn’t cool.

[via ubergizmo]


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