Sushi Cats Android and iOS Apps: The Cutest, Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Seen

Cats. The internet would implode without them. Especially Sushi Cats, magical creatures that are composed of a feline sitting atop of sushi. Now, the history of the mystical Sushi Cats can be learned via a mobile app created by a Japanese based company Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts. The app is available on Android and iOS, and takes users into the alternate universe which the Sushi Cats inhabit.

The app is a game of sorts, but more like a collection of some of the cutest cat related things the internet holds. The app is in Japanese, but that doesn’t matter much. Even without a mastery of the Japanese language, users can still experience one of the cutest things ever. Marvel as the sushi cats travel around the world singing cute nonsensical songs in Japanese and stare wildly at giant hamburgers.

Trust me, citizens of the internet, download this app right…wait for it…meow.

Scroll down to have your mind blown by cuteness.

[Via: Nekozushi]

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