New leaked photo shows graphite colored iPhone 5S with black accents

There’s been so many pictures hitting the internet showing what the alleged iPhone 5S will look like. Every rumor or leak we’ve seen suggest that the new 5S will do away with the same drab black, white variations and bring us more colors. The latest photo to surface shows that Apple could be rolling out a black and graphite colored iPhone to go with the usual slate, white, and now the leaked gold/champagne color.

Thanks to several new images posted by Sonny Dickson, we get to see this rumored graphite colored iPhone with black accents. If this phone is the real deal, it will be a refreshing take on a company looking to breathe fresh new life in a product that is growing stale compared to colorful options such as the Moto X or Lumia line of phones.

Regardless, we can all expect to see whatever Apple has up its sleeves in a couple of weeks. The rumored September 10 date seems to be spoken universally by every single news outlet, so let’s just wait and see if these different colored iPhones are legit. Apple needs to wow people again, and this could be the best way to do it.

[SONNY DICKSON; via TechnoBuffalo]

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