Is mobile healthcare the future? [infographic]

Is mobile healthcare the future

mHealth or mobile health is the term used for the practice of medicine and public health, supported by mobile devices. And users are already joining this trend, with 52% of smartphone owners gathering health-related information on their devices.

There are now more than 97,000 mobile apps related to health & fitness, top 10 of which generate up to 4 million free and 300,000 paid downloads per day. By 2017, the total mobile health market revenue will reach $26 billion.

Weight loss apps are leading the day, generating 50 million downloads. Next in line are exercise apps (26.5 million), followed by women’s health (10.5 million), sleep & meditation (8 million), pregnancy (7.5 million), and tools & instruments (6 million).

Average age of mHealth app user is 35. 54% of users are men, 87% have a smartphone (33% have an iPhone), 85% use social media for health, 76% take a prescription, and 30% are caregivers.

Doctors love mobile apps just as well. 80% of physicians use smartphones and medical apps, 40% believe mHealth technologies can reduce the number of visits to doctors’ offices, and 93% believe that these apps can improve patient’s health… These and some other details, including the top 5 free medical apps are neatly presented in the infographic below, brought to you by GreatCall.

Is mobile healthcare the future

  • Roaduardo

    I support the use of mobile apps and mobile devices for medical care but only when those options are tightly regulated by the federal government. But, not the same way life-monitoring equipment currently is. Upgrading software in some medical computers take such a long time they’re open to so much dangerous malware.

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