[Rumor]: iWatch Will Launch in 2014 with iPhone 6

Apple’s iWatch wearable tech is hotly anticipated by Apple fans and smartwatch buffs alike. But the latest reports suggest Apple’s iWatch may not be released until next year, coinciding with the iPhone 6.

Gotta Be Mobile reported on the story today. If the rumors prove true it would give Samsung a major head start over Apple. The company has signaled it will be unveiling its own smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Gear, at its “Unpacked” press event September 4th in Germany.

According to the report, Inventec will be Apple’s primary contractor for building the iWatch, handling 60% of iWatch orders. The analyst also hinted that the iWatch will replace Apple’s dwindling iPod market, and that the Cupertino plans on moving an estimated 63 million iWatch units in its first year on the market.

The device  is rumored to connect with the iPhone via Bluetooth and offer full support for Siri, allowing for voice control. Aside from keeping you punctual, the iWatch is expected to feature several standard smartphone tasks, including notifications, alerts and the ability to view recent calls and text messages. Apple’s iWatch may also have fitness tracking built-in, perhaps taking the place of health-related wearable tech like Nike’s FuelBand and Fit Bit’s Flex.

We’ll keep you posted on the latest iWatch news. Let us know what you think about the iWatch, and wearable tech in general in the comments!

[Via: Gotta Be Mobile] [IMG: Concept art via Ubergizmo]

  • Roaduardo

    Very interested in what Apple will do with this watch. Samsung looking to make the jump to a watch a bit earlier so I’m looking forward to how this will affect the market.

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