Samsung tips upcoming BBM for Android launch, again

Samsung hasn’t been shy about its support for the upcoming BlackBerry Messenger app for Android. Earlier this month, the company “inadvertently” let everyone know that it will make the app available on its handsets. The latest leak about BBM for Android allegedly comes from Samsung Ghana, which has released a shoddy video about the messaging service that shows it running on Samsung tablets as well as its phones.

The video is poorly done with no audio, which calls into question the validity of the clip. Samsung would not release such a poor quality video unless it was mistakenly uploaded. As pointed out by TechRadar, it also doesn’t make sense that Samsung would hype BBM when it is working hard on its own cross-platform communication service, ChatOn.

BlackBerry has been tight-lipped on the upcoming BBM for Android launch, so we will have to wait patiently for the folks from Waterloo to chime in and give the app its official blessing before we get too excited about it.

[Via TechRadar]

  • Roaduardo

    2 years too late.

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