XiaoMi Mi3 leaked prior to its official launch on September 5th

XiaoMi Mi3

Chinese handset maker XiaoMi is preparing to launch its next flagship smartphone, Mi3, on September 5th. Meanwhile, we’ve caught it “in the wild” and from what we can tell – it will be a hit device. Sure enough, the Mi3 looks very much like the Nokia Lumia 920 but it has more to do with color than the actual design. And, apparently, that’s not the same yellow as the one Nokia is using for its smartphone.

Specs wise, the XiaoMi will be a beast-phone most likely rocking Qualcomm’s super-fast Snapdragon 800 quad-core chip (or NVIDIA’s Tegra 4), along with other high-end goodies like 13-megapixel camera, 2GB of RAM, a ton of built-in storage and so on.

We’re not sure whether this model will ever make it to the West, but since we know the company plans to move 20 million smartphones, something like that could happen… or not; XiaoMi is that famous that it can easily hit that goal inside its own backyard…

XiaoMi Mi3

[Via: GSMinsider]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Let’s hope Xiaomi will bring this to the West. Otherwise, we don’t care that much…

    • David

      Actually I do, I’ll just import it from China. It’s gonna be one hell of a phone. Even though I think this is fake and the Mi3 isn’t coming out until 2014. I think they will announce their high megapixel camera phone that has to compete with the Nokia lumia 1080 on the 5th of May…

      • Gard

        Dude, it’s already officially confirmed that the mi3 will be this year.

        I actually love the idea of a lumia-esque phone that runs android, especially if they use comparable materials.

  • Wow, I hope not, that is an ugly UGLY phone. As a proud Mi2 owner, I would ditch Xiaomi in a heartbeat if this is the direction they’re headed in.

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