Apple seek patents for smart brightness and automated FaceTime camera

Apple has applied for two patents that would help its products adjust itself to the specifications of a set user. This special technology will happen by way of a selective screen brightness control and auto camera switching during FaceTime video calls.

Pursuing this further, the way the first patent works is it allows users to selectively adjust brightness and contrast of different user interface elements independently of one another. Without going crazy on explaining settings no one has tangible info on (because it doesn’t exist within an Apple product yet), it’s important to mention that the most important thing about it will be the battery settings it will garner. In the same way Android already offers this ability to control darker and brighter elements within the software.

The second patent is more automated as it will let Apple devices switch automatically between front and rear-facing cameras at will thanks to learning how the device owner uses either lens. In order to execute this function, both streams will likely be captured at the same time. It’s a cool feature that would add a sort of augmented reality to how the FaceTime camera could work. So if you want a friend or family member to see something, the camera will begin a live call if it finds whatever the user wants seen.

These two patents are innovations that we can see later down the road with future iOS devices. Technology like this on the software front is would Apple lives for when it goes up on stage to announce why we should by their next generation products.

[via TC]


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