Blue HTC One shows up on Sprint’s roadmap of upcoming devices

An internal document has been spied by phoneArena that show the Blue HTC One launching on Sprint September 10. This comes after we learned the device would not only hit Verizon soon but come as an exclusive. Now it seems those rumors of a VZ exclusivity aren’t true, as The Now Network looks to be the next carrier in line to sell the device.

The internal document that landed on the internet-waves this morning is from a roadmap of Sprint’s current and future releases. This would give Sprint all color variations of the HTC One, including the grey, black, and the exclusive red color. According to leaked document, Sprint is going to offer the blue colored One at $99.99 on a new two year contract.

Of course, we urge all manufacturers to release excellent phones with more than one color option besides the usual drab black and white. HTC should get some credit for doing this with its flagship One handset. Unfortunately, this is coming a lot later than what most would have liked, especially since Apple is rumored to be announcing the 5S and cheaper iPhones with different colors as well.

OEMs in general are trending toward offering customers alternatives in the type of color they want for their handset. Smartphones like the Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S 4, Motorola with the Moto X, and now the HTC One all offer flagship devices with color options.

That being said, the HTC One is still a great buy for customers at $99.99, regardless to whatever Apple or another competitor shows us a few weeks from now.

[PhoneArena; via TDG]

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