Majority of students want to replace textbooks with tablets

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A lot of things comes with being a product of the 21st century, and that means the evolution of having physical items replaced with technology products like the iPad or Kindle Fire. In this case, 71 percent of students want the ability to use their textbooks on their tablets, according to a new report from Nielsen.

Google is one of the companies stepping up to the plate in trying to serve this growing need, as it offers the option for students to rent or buy digital textbooks through Google Play.

These are how the numbers shake out. 51 percent of school kids who are over the age of 13 use the internet, while 42 percent read books. In addition to those stats 46 percent use email, 40 percent take notes, and 30 percent complete homework/school assignments as shown in the chart below.

An interesting fact to know would be how much of the 51 percent internet usage has to do with kids researching for homework or assignments. In the age of social media and web search, kids can find almost anything they need by just “Googling-it.” This Nielsen report also revealed that parents no matter the age want more educational content on these tablet devices. In time this will be a point of emphasis that companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, etc., will begin to nail down.

Of course the transition of textbooks moving to tablets can’t happen, unless all the publishers who make them get on board. As we’ve seen through all these litigation proceedings with Apple and Amazon, it can be a tricky proposition.

[via Nielsen]



  • Gregory C Newman

    I have believed from the very beginning that the Microsoft Windows Rt OS is best used for E-readers and Tablets built for High school and college Students loaded with their schools text books and other educational software like the “Encyclopedia Britannica”.
    Microsoft has bought into “Barnes and Nobel” and with their help can get the text books most schools and colleges use. The Surface Rt comes Pre loaded with MS office and is the “Best tablet” OS on the market for this purpose.. The Apple Ipads and the ndroid tablets have more Apps but do not have an office suite as powerful as the MS surface RT has. the Surface RT’s Office suite is a Professional level office suite. I hope MS
    CEO Ballmer and the new CEO incoming to Microsoft realize how good a product Windows Rt is for the Educational Market.

    • quinyus

      If it was so good the sales wouldn’t be so dismal.

      • Gregory C Newman

        i never said the Windows Rt was rated as a good tablet. but you do not need a full desktop OS like Windows 8 or 8.1 are to make an e- book reader.. Ipads and Android tablet do not have a full desktop operating system.they only have enough technology to do what they do

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