New Qualcomm Snapdragon Video – Better Cores, Not More Cores

Qualcomm has released a video today, focused on its quad-core Snapdragon processors. The Snapdragon family of processors powers a host of mobile devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets. While some manufacturers such as Samsung and MediaTek are pushing octa-core processors as the new standard for mobile processing, Qualcomm’s video argues that quad-core processors such as the Snapdragon S4, 600 and 800 are the way to go.

The video shows how octa-core processors are not fully utilized, with most apps utilizing only two cores at max when operating. Qualcomm improves its CPU cores with every generation of Snapdragon processor, instead of just adding more cores to a chip.

So check out the video below to see why Qualcomm believes that four cores are better than eight.

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