Feeling Adventerous? Twitter Begins Beta Program For Android App, Join Now!

Twitter is taking advantage of Google’s new beta testing system for Android apps by offering Android users the chance to beta test cool new Twitter features before (and if) they make it to the mainstream. This comes just a day after Snapchat opened up its beta testing program, and a few months after Facebook rolled out its beta testing program.

Signing up for beta testing is painlessly easy. All you have to do join the Twitter beta tester Google Group, and then click agree to be a tester. If you have a previous install of the Twitter app, you’re gonna have to uninstall it and then reinstall. And that’s it!

So if you want to test out new and exciting Twitter app features before the general public, sign up now and get ready for some fun. Only the courageous need apply: the beta version inevitably contains bugs and could be unstable at times.

Sign up for Twitter beta testing here. Have fun!

[Via: Android Police]

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