iOS App TuneMob Let’s You Sync Your Music Across Multiple Speaker Systems

If you’ve ever wanted to broadcast your tunes across the multiple sound systems in your home, a new app might just have the solution for you. TuneMob is a new audio syncing app that allows iPhone, iPod, and iPad users to wirelessly connect with speaker systems such as speaker docks and AirPlay compatible receivers to play their music in sync all at once.

The press release states simply, “With the free TuneMob download, up to seven speaker systems from different manufacturers can play music in sync while connected to iPhones, iPads and iPods running TuneMob.”

The app also allows you to share music, in perfect sync, across multiple iOS devices. So you can share a song with 6 friends at once, or even use  7 iPhones as a speaker system themselves!

This potentially turns your home into a connected sound system, using the random speaker systems and iDevices you already own. The TuneMob app is free on iTunes. Read the press release below!

TuneMob App Syncs Music Across Different Speakers Systems
Breakthru audio utility for iPhones, iPads and iPods connects various speaker systems to
extend the volume and reach of music.
DemandGen Agency created a new kind of iPhone and iPad audio app when it released TuneMob in August.
With the free TuneMob download, up to seven speaker systems from different manufacturers can play music in
sync while connected to iPhones, iPads and iPods running TuneMob.
Now anyone can create a party anywhere using existing speaker systems and linking them together with
TuneMob. Users can now extend the reach and volume of audio throughout their home, by the pool, at the
beach, camping, tailgating and many other places.
TuneMob founder Benjamin Nowak said he “hopes the app proves to be an indispensable utility for all music
lovers…” and stated that his “goal is to one day soon be listed in the Essentials section of the iTunes App Store
music category”
Several mobile app reviewers turned their attention to TuneMob soon after its release.
“I sometimes review fancy wireless speakers that cost a load of cash, have slick AirPlay capabilities, as well as
multi-speaker/room playback. I never dreamed that my iPod and iPhone coupled with some old 30-pin speaker
docks could create an immersive music experience,” Nat Alcock said in iPhone and iPad Life Magazine.
After testing it, Alcock noted, “Configuration is simple. Enable Bluetooth on all devices. Select ‘Start’ on your
primary device, and ‘Join’ on secondary devices. Queue your playlist or songs…and press ‘Play.'”
In a few seconds users hear the music being played by all devices simultaneously, Alcock added. This makes
TuneMob ideal when a group wants to share music either inside our outside, like at an aerobics exercise session
or a pre-game tailgate party.
Nowak said they put a lot of effort into making the 1.0 release of TuneMob stable and giving it a clean,
intuitive and user-friendly interface.
“Bluetooth doesn’t require pairing, connecting to a network or any pre-configuration to work. It intelligently
senses devices within proximity and connects. There’s nothing to do except run TuneMob and listen to your
music across all the connected devices,” Nowak explained.
The app won immediate praise at where Casey Tschida named TuneMob one of the best new
apps and noted that it allows users to “conveniently share” their music to others nearby using a “DJ-type
streaming music player.”
Nowak said he’s pleased not only with the positive articles that have been written about TuneMob in the press
but also by the favorable user ratings and reviews, which he believes reflect the effort that DemandGen Agency
invested in development.

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