Sony, T-Mobile team up for carrier billing via PlayStation game console

Today Sony announced that it will allow another U.S. carrier to allow folks to buy their products on credit. The electronics company struck a deal with T-Mobile to let customers add purchases to their monthly phone bills by way of their entertainment website or PlayStation game console. The Japanese manufacturer offered the same option to AT&T customers not too long ago. However there is a caveat to this new privilege, as it brings some limitations. For example, Magenta subscribers can’t buy things from their PS Vita and have the price moved to their monthly T-Mo bill.

Anything that makes purchasing things more convenient for people is always a win in my opinion. The fact that Sony is putting itself out there like this is smart. We’re at the point now where the only thing companies care about is getting as many people as they can to use the options they have in their ecosystem.

The company said in their press release that taking this kind of approach is the best way to make their content easily accessible.

“Offering customers the best entertainment content across the PlayStation Store and Sony Entertainment Network is our top priority,” said Eric Lempel, Vice President, Sony Network Entertainment International. “Mobile billing is another secure and convenient way for users to fund their wallet for immediate access to the content they want.”

More companies are beginning to take this route when it comes to making products easily accessible. We wouldn’t be surprised if more major content providers like Sony, begin to fall in line with this growing trend.

[via TMoNews]



  • Pete

    When and how can we do this? This is sweet!

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