Android chief confirms Kit Kat name for Android 4.4

Android chief Sundar Pichai announced on Twitter today that the next version of Android (version 4.4) will be named Kit Kat, not Key Lime Pie as we all expected. Pichai posted up a photo of the Kit Kat robot standing proudly in front of Google’s headquarters, nestled in nicely near the Gingerbread man and the Jelly Bean robot.

Google also launched the official website for the next version of Android, and the Kit Kat name is more than just a simple choice based on the letter of the alphabet. Kit Kat, the candy bar, is sponsoring a giveaway that’ll let customers buy an Android-branded candy bar and enter to win a new Nexus 7 or Google Play credit. It’s an interesting and unsettling mix of open source software and corporate sponsorship.

[Via Twitter and Google]

  • Jenn

    Not really bothered about the name, but I am certain that we had been led to believe that the next step following on from Jellybean 4.3 would be version 5.0 rather than another .1 stopgap between big redesigns.

  • slowman

    That’s a really bad idea. There’s been a lot a bad feeling toward Nestle over it’s marketing policies over the years. corporates have no business branding open source.

  • Please use “KitKat” instead of “Kit Kat” otherwise you’ll embrass google 😛 waiting to taste that version.

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