Industry Canada counters “Fair for Canada” with “More Choices” website

More Choices

We’ve told you about the major Canada’s carriers’ “Fair for Canada” initiative. The government of Canada has its own, different point of view on this, hence it launched the “More Choices” website, featuring a bunch of facts, quotes and “tools” for Canadians to make informed choices of their wireless needs. The idea here is to deliver “More choice. Lower prices. Better service” to wireless customers in Canada, while helping end-users “cut through the noise.”

James Moore, Minister of Industry, says that the (Conservative) government is “standing up for Canadian consumers” and it seems this includes letting in foreign players to the market. Not sure Verizon is still interested now that it’s pursuing to buy Verizon Wireless’ shares from Vodafone, but you never know.

The Big 3 Canadian carriers (TELUS, Bell and Rogers) don’t want to see foreign players having an easy ride. According to their “manifesto,” they’re looking to compete on a level playing field and that any flexibility the government gives to an outside company “will have massive consequences for Canadians.”

As we said before, we do see where the carriers are coming from while at the same time supporting the government’s initiative to spice-up the market with another player. After all, up until the government reacted, these same carriers which are now craving for “fairness” offered way-too-long three-year contracts like it’s nobody’s business. On the other hand, I don’t see a point giving Verizon or any other big company a preferred treatment in the local market. What do you think?

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  • PeterSteinbeck

    I’m with the government on this. Though I’m not Canadian. 🙂

  • Gamblor77

    I am Canadian and I say f*ck Rogers, Bell and Telus! They have held a price fixing scam for far too long and it would be good if a strong 4th party came in to shake things up. I literally don’t care if a foreign company has an unfair advantage as long as it means prices will come down for the consumer at the end of the day.
    Canadians are paying higher prices for mobile than the US and many places in the world. Plus being forced into paying for 3 year contracts and not having the option to upgrade your phone until the 30 month mark is BS! When the “big three” spend tens of millions on ad campaigns against Verizon in a US-election-type fashion you know there is a reason. I would take an $80 unlimited everything plan every day of the week. The best Canada current has is a $140 10gb plan with 400 minutes. So I say bring on the Verizons of the world!

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