Aio Wireless to sell Samsung Galaxy S4 off contract for $579.99

Aio Wireless, a prepaid subsidiary of AT&T, just announced today that it will be selling the Samsung Galaxy S 4 off contract at $579.99. This after the company made it known it would do a nationwide rollout of its service in mid-September. The price of the GS4 is an awesome bargain, it’s the kind of deal that may see Aio snatch away some customers from a Metro PCS or T-Mobile. The GS4 is available now for customers in its U.S. stores and online.

“By adding the Galaxy S 4  to the Aio smartphone portfolio we’re enhancing the first-class wireless experience we offer to value-conscious customers who prefer not to be tied to an annual contract,” said Andy Smoak, Aio’s head of Product and Marketing. “It’s all about giving customers what they want and nothing they don’t.”

It’s obvious that Aio’s main focus is to chip into T-Mobile’s momentum, acting as a goon to handle AT&T’s dirty work. In fact, Aio Wireless is so brazen with its intentions that it dawns the same Magenta color as T-Mobile. In AT&T’s case, it’s much easier for the company to put cheaper prices through a subsidiary company rather through its main post-paid service. It’s a clever attempt by the Death Star, but whether it’ll work is something we’ll soon find out.

Via PRNewswire




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