AT&T may acquire Vodafone?

AT&T may acquire Vodafone?

Now that Verizon has acquired Vodafone’s share in Verizon Wireless, the rumors started that Vodafone itself could become a takeover target. And guess who may be interested to buy it? AT&T!

The American company not only has a ton of cash but is able to get even more money to make this happen. This article at Bloomberg suggests that AT&T would be only interested in Voda’s mobile businesses leaving the rest on the table. And the rest includes ISPs and landline assets across the continent.

Vodafone on its end just found itself with a bunch of money, a portion of which will likely be used to beef-up its infrastructure across Europe. On the other hand, the Big Red carrier may also want to boost its presence in the emerging markets where ARPU may be lower but the market is growing like crazy.

AT&T acquiring Vodafone would make a big splash in the wireless industry and we’re not sure it would pass all regulatory hurdles. Or would it?

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