Oculus Rift Style VR Helmet Rumored for PS4

The  Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset has been wowing everyone who’s had a chance to try it. Creator Palmer Lucky and co are being courted by several companies with interest in buying the start up. But Oculus might not be the only VR game in town. A recent rumor suggests that Sony has a VR headset peripheral in development for its PS4.

CVG broke the news, sourcing a developer who spoke under condition of anonymity. If the mystery person is telling the truth, Sony will be unveiling the VR device at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show later this month.

According to the report, Sony planned to reveal the headset at Gamescom, but the company decided against the announcement at the last minute. The anonymous source also said that Sony had been trying to decide whether to present the virtual reality headset as an optional add-on or a key component of the console, like Microsoft’s Kinect.

The source also said Sony is integrating the VR headset with a special cockpit view in DriveClub, Sony’s first party racing title for the PS4. So far Sony has made no comment on its plans for VR support for the PS4.

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