Deutsche Telekom hints that iPhone 5S will support LTE+

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T-Mobile’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, may have unintentionally hinted to the iPhone 5S packing a LTE Advanced. This new 5S rocking LTE+ can work with the latest cellular networking technology, and offer almost twice the download speeds of today’s LTE standard, according to the German telecom company.

In a Deutsche Telekom press release, the carrier said it would be launching the 150MBit/s LTE Advanced network in late September. This can be a sign to the new Apple flagship device carrying the updated technology.

So what makes LTE Advanced so special, you ask? LTE+ supposedly lets users indulge with the awesome ability of having simultaneous downloads and upload speeds of 300 megabits per second, or up to three times faster than the highest current hypothetical LTE high-speeds.

We have no idea what’s inside of the new flagship iPhone, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the device carried a radio that allowed higher speeds for downloading data.

[via iDB]


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