Latest Ingress Report Is Creepy And Awesome – In a Brainwashing Sort Of Way

If you’re a player of Ingress, you’re likely more than aware of the very intricate storyline the Niantic team has woven together. The latest event from the game, Operation Cassandra, ended with the Enlightened prevailing. A recap of the events were highlighted in last week’s Ingress Report on YouTube, but today’s report is unlike any episode we’ve come across.

You won’t find Susanna Moyer, the Ingress Report host in this episode at all. In fact, the one and a half minute video is just a ton of glyphs and strange images that not only show the Enlightened is in control, but it’s also ¬†just plain creepy. We love it. You’ll probably also find a ton of passcodes in the video for in-game items.

Check out the episode below!

Just like last time, if you’re still waiting on an invite, I have a few to spare. Seven, to be exact. If you want in, throw your email in the comments below and the first seven to respond will get an invitation!

[Via: Ingress Report]

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