The Line Outside the NYC Apple Store is Already Forming – Really???

We’re on the cusp of what’s become a religious event for Apple fanatics, the September 10th announcement of the next iPhone. Apparently “iCampers” are already lining up outside the New York City Apple store, in it for the long haul.

The new iPhone 5S is expected to be announced on the 1oth but is rumored to be coming to retail on the 20th. So these Apple die hards might be “roughing it” for weeks. Tech site Venture Beat caught up with one of these iDouchebags, Jon Murphy, who got in line today along with a friend.

“We think the new iPhone will be available on [Sept. 20] … that’s our speculation, since it’s usually out on the Friday after the introduction. So we think we’ll be out here for about two weeks,” Murphy told Venture Beat. His friend and him were well prepared with rain gear and a waterproof bag to keep their several iDevices out of the rain. The two also had a portable solar panel to power their Apple Airport Express and other gear.

“I for sure thought we’d be first, no question,” Murphy said. “But there were two people who arrived last night … they’ve apparently done this for three years.” Yes, this is the world we live in.

Murphy added, “We’re sleeping on the buddy system for safety.” That’s probably wise considering all the low tech campers around, who might want to upgrade from their played out “salvaged blanket and failing social safety net” technology. Of course, the Police will probably shoo them away before they can make any trouble.

Apple’s upcoming event is rumored to feature the upgraded iPhone 5S as well as the new, more affordable iPhone 5C which will come in several bright colors. Until then, the line outside the Apple store will only get longer.

[Via: Venture Beat]

  • Jerd

    The only thing I’d wait that long for is a Newton reboot!

  • Carlo

    The longest I’ve waited in line for anything was like an hour…….. just pre order the phone and no waiting in line again.

  • CO2 Insanity

    Talk about people needing to get a life…..

  • Jeremy Smith

    I’m just going to start standing in line for random shit.

  • Bruce

    This proves that many iPhone users have no life.

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