Verizon’s Feeling Blue: Photos Show Blue HTC One, Could Be Best Buy Exclusive

Thanks to the awesome team at Droid-Life, we now have photos of the rumored blue colored HTC One, which looks to be heading to Verizon. The blue HTC One isn’t expected to differ from the silver model, with a new paint job being the only difference. Droid-Life’s source suggested that the blue HTC One could be a Best Buy exclusive, which would make sense since Best Buy is all about the blue. We have heard reports of the blue HTC One coming to Sprint as well, so we’ll have to wait and see what exactly the deal is.

Pricing and availability are still unknown, but unless Verizon and/or Best Buy are offering any deals on the device we can expect to see the handset retail for $199 with a new two-year contract.

Are you interested in a blue HTC One? Let us know what you think, and check out the pictures below.

[Via: Droid-Life] [Photo: Comicvine]

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