Commercial Break Comes to Android, Adds New Features

If you’re watching live TV, a commercial break is a great time to take care of brief tasks. Once the ads start, you’ve got a couple of minutes to shoot off an email, take out the trash or (let’s be honest here) grab another beer and some chips. But you always run the risk of taking too long and missing bits of your favorite show. For those times, Commercial Break has your back.

Commercial Break syncs with the TV broadcasts and sends you a push notification when the commercials are ending and your program is coming back on. You just let the app know what you’re watching and it does the rest.

Commercial Break’s beta launch netted the startup a lot of feedback and topping the list were the desire for an Android version of the app and more functionality for sports and live events. Not only is Commercial Break out now for Android, its new “Live Events” feature lets you follow multiple upcoming live broadcasts (awards shows and such as well as sports) and get push notifications before they start and when they’re returning from commercials. The Commercial Break app is now available on both Google Play and the iTunes store and it supports the majority of nationally televised pro and college football games, as well as the upcoming MLB playoffs.

The full press release follows below:

Commercial Break Launches ‘Live Events’ to Help
Sports Fans Break Free from Commercials

New feature lets sports fans “follow” events in advance for automatic
alerts when commercial breaks end; available for majority of nationally
televised football and baseball games this season.

NEW YORK, NY (PR WEB), SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 – Commercial Break, the app that alerts
viewers in real time the moment their TV program returns from commercials, today announces
the release of its “Live Events” feature, enabling iOS and Android users to “follow” an upcoming
event in advance and receive a reminder before it starts. Commercial Break will automatically
monitor the event for commercial breaks and stop when the event is over.
Commercial Break, which will support the majority of nationally televised NFL, MLB and NCAA
Football games in the 2013/2014 season (in accordance with network blackout rules), today also
announces its expansion to the Android™ operating system. The mobile app previously launched
a public beta for the iPhone ® in July.
Commercial Break’s “Live Events” feature enables sports fans to get instant alerts every time a
game that they are following returns from commercials. Fans who watch multiple games
simultaneously can therefore know when the action on another channel comes back from
commercials, so they don’t miss any critical moments from their favorite team or action­packed
“Ideally, every fan would have a wall of TVs tuned in to every game,” said Commercial Break
Co­Founder and CEO Haim Kairy. “But since that is not a reality for most people, Commercial
Break helps sports fans get the most out of their cable package by allowing them to spend less
time watching commercials and more time watching premium live action.”
In addition to iOS, Commercial Break is now available for Android free of charge. Commercial
Break’s unique algorithms identify the end of commercial breaks by analyzing dozens of cues
from audio and video signals, 40 times per second, through Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

About Commercial Break
Developed by Israeli startup veterans Haim Kairy and Eli Ben­David, the Commercial Break
mobile app delivers automatic, real­time alerts the moment a TV program comes back from
commercials. The app is currently available free of charge on Apple’s App Store and Google
Play. To start taking back your commercial breaks, visit
Android and Google Play are a trademark of Google Inc.
iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used
under license.

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