LG Nexus 5 with LTE makes probable appearance in FCC with 5-inch display, Snapdragon 800

Google dropped the price on its Nexus 4 amid rumors it was prepping its next generation Nexus handset, the Nexus 5. Details have been sparse on the Nexus 5, with the latest leak coming from an official Google video that showed a Google employee possibly using the phone on the company’s front lawn. Now, the handset may have spotted on its way through the FCC.

According to S4gru and Engadget, a smartphone with the codename D820 was approved by the FCC. The phone LG has submitted to the FCC has a 5-inch display, Qi wireless charging support, 7-band LTE that’s compatible with US carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Other details from the firmware suggests it has a Snapdragon 800 processor and runs Key Lime Pie (aka, KitKat).

You can pull up the report from the FCC’s website and pour over the phone details at your leisure.

[Via S4gru, Engadget, Brian Klug and the FCC]

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