Infinity Blade III Unveiled at iPhone 5S Event

The original Infinity Blade ushered mobile gaming into the same space as consoles and PCs. The game showed that Apple’s iPhone was capable of putting out beautiful visuals and providing a hardcore gaming experience. ChAIR Entertainment squeezed every drop of performance out of Apple’s smart phone and presented something mind-blowing for its time.

At today’s iPhone 5S event, ChAIR’s Donald Mustard unveiled the third installment in the Infinity Blade franchise, and it looks to be every bit as impressive as the 2 before.

Infinity Blade III takes full advantage of the A7 chip’s powerful 64 bit architecture, running a full-fledged OpenGL 3.0 environment on the handheld. “With OpenGL ES 3.0 support, we can do things previously seen only in movies. We can add lens flares that would make JJ Abrams proud,” Mustard enthused.

The short demo showed off expansive environments and incredibly detailed character and enemy models. Infinity Blade III is looking incredible, and we’ll keep you posted  when we know more!

[IMG: TechCrunch]

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