IntoMobile Reacts: iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

Apple has just taken the wraps off of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, offering up two new models for the ultra popular handset line up. Both devices share some unique tweaks from the previous generations and we can expect to outsell previous models.

While it’s fresh in our minds, the IntoMobile team wanted to give our readers our take on the announcement.


It’s hard not to be impressed with the iPhone 5S. It’s full of new features that have been rumored for some time now and  Apple followed through completely. The lack of NFC was a missed opportunity, even if it isn’t as wide-spread as it may need to be, but the 5S is solid through and through. Home ID, as expected, is a pretty awesome feature that will easily set the 5S apart from the competition and throwing in a new color options is definitely welcomed.

It’s a bit of a let down that there were virtually no surprises whatsoever this time around. The new iPhone models have been both heavily leaked, leaving nothing to get excited for.  Still, that doesn’t make the new iPhone models any less impressive for what they are.

What is disappointing is the price point of the iPhone 5C. At $549 off-contract, it’s hardly something that you’ll want to grab with the 5S only $100 more. With only minor improvement over the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C has me scratching my head a bit. It doesn’t matter, though. Apple will sell a ton of iPhone 5C units and that’s all that really matters at the end of the day. For Apple, at least.


Apple introduced two new iPhone models today in what was another impressive round of upgrades. The iPhone 5S is a wonderful update to the iPhone 5, with a fingerprint sensor, a big bump in the processor, a new motion tracking sensor and a significantly improved camera (at least on paper). On top of everything else, the ability to make iTunes purchases with a scan of the fingerprint sensor is enough to entice me to drop my iPhone 5.

As far as the iPhone 5C is concerned, I think it is a smart move by Apple. It’s still a very capable phone, and the lower subsidized cost will appeal to a wider audience. The biggest question will be the unsubsidized pricing, which apparently starts at $549. That’s high for an emerging market like China, but maybe that price point is US only. Tomorrow, Apple is expected to hold another event in Beijing. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple will lover the price point for these emerging markets.


After months of rumors and speculation, Apple finally announced the iPhone 5S and 5C. Honestly, I can’t say I’m surprised or wowed by anything Apple revealed today. The iPhone 5C, which is being touted as a budget model turns out to be nothing more than a colorful, plastic iPhone 5 with a not so budget price. Apple’s choice to include five color options for the iPhone 5C shows that the company has gotten lazy in the design department, biting the style of big players such as Nokia and Motorola. I’m actually a fan of iOS 7’s flat design and addition of true multitasking, both of which come straight from Google’s book. Android users have enjoyed multitasking for some time now, and iOS 7 looks very similar to Android’s Holo UI.

The iPhone 5S is a bit intriguing however, with a 64-bit chip housed inside, as well as a ton of camera improvements, via software. Again, the camera improvements are nothing new to Android owners, who have had multi-shot capabilities and Instagram-like frames baked in to most handsets. The 64-bit processor is a nice touch, but it will take a while for apps to take full advantage of the processors capabilities. If you’re sold on Apple, the new iPhones will be a no-brainer for you. If you’re on the fence, I’d suggest checking out other options such as the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4, which are solid user-friendly handsets which offer all the features of the new iPhones, and then some.


Now that the Apple event is over, the world can finally take a collective deep breath (inhale… exhale… and repeat). I’m not here to regurgitate what many other writers, analysts will say, instead, I’ll just give my take on what I did or didn’t like.

First off, colors. Need I say more?

What took Apple so long to deliver to its customers a variety of colors besides the usual bland white and black choices, is mind-boggling. However, with the iPhone 5C, Apple finally delivered such need. Overall, the phones didn’t look bad, and I credit Apple for not coming up with ridiculous names for the colors, either.I will say, though, it’ll be interesting to see if the single piece of polycarbonate covering the steel frame that doubles as an antenna, brings any reception issues. Remember Antenna-gate?

Besides that, the rumors of a budget-friendly plastic iPhone was bullshit, as the 5C cost $549 off contract. So budget my ass.

Last but not least, is the iPhone 5S. Apple did what it normally does, and that’s upgrade the camera, chipset, and brought a new fingerprint scanner. However the company didn’t move me when it came to improvements to battery life. Apple only said that the 5S brought 3G talk time of 10 hours, 10 Hours LTE browsing, with up to 250 hours of standby. Schiller said it’s “better than the iPhone 5,” but didn’t emphasize on how much better it was.

So once again, Apple fails to significantly improve its battery life (two cycles in a row). The truth hurts, and reality is, Apple is in danger of falling further behind many of its competitors when it comes to offering incredible battery life. Keeping your smartphone juiced for an entire day is becoming increasingly important to folks like me who move around a lot.
As for the event, was I overwhelmed? No.


What can I say? Most of what was unveiled today was in line with what I was expecting, with a a few minor surprises.

The iPhone 5C isn’t quite as under-powered as the rumors made out, but it’s still got the guts of a year old phone (with or without a brightly colored polycarbonate case). At $99 (with contract) for a 16GB model, it’s a fairly reasonable budget upgrade, especially for someone who wants a cheap entry into the iOS universe. But if the rumors are true that the price without a contract is $549, that’s way too steep for last year’s phone in a bright orange sleeve – sorry.

The 5S is more impressive for sure, and a bigger upgrade than Apple usually makes with its bi-annual “S” models. The 64 bit A7 chip is impressively powerful and pumps up the iPhone’s speed and graphics capabilities. On the flipside, the camera upgrade is nice but nothing unexpected. The addition of the fingerprint sensor and some other gimmicky features are neat but not exactly phone sellers in my book.

The only reason I can see to upgrade to the 5S is for the added gaming power. Infinity Blade III’s unveiling in all its OpenGL 3.0 glory showed this off pretty well!

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