Samsung launches one SDK to rule them all

Samsung Mobile SDK

Samsung has a ton of different SDKs allowing developers to make custom apps that work with a number of different features unique to Samsung mobile devices. There’s the S Pend SDK, Chord SDK, Multi-window SDK and so on. No more – the Korean company is bundling all these different SDKs into a one big SDK to “rule them all.”

The new Samsung Mobile SDK is now in the “release candidate” phase and you can download it from here. It combines all of the specific features and apps Sammy’s TouchWiz software packs into a single bundle, making it easier for developers to make apps that run on an array of Samsung phones, phablets and tablets. If you’re a developer, feel free to check it out and see whether or not it’s worth your time. I think it could be, but then again I’m not a developer…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    It makes much more sense to have a single rather than multiple SDKs. It’s confusing…

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