iCloud Keychain inexplicably absent in iOS 7 GM

Apple for some unforeseen reason has eliminated iCloud Keychain from the iOS 7 Gold Master (GM) update, which was issued to developers yesterday. In earlier beta versions of iOS 7 users would get access to the security feature through iCloud preferences in the ‘Settings’ menu, now the Keychain option has been removed. This would show that the public release of the new firmware expected to roll out by way of OTA next week, won’t carry the feature either.

If you hit up the iOS 7 features section on Apple’s website, you’d see a “Coming soon” tag next to the description. It’s unclear why the feature had been taken out, but the logical explanation for this change has to have something to do with the release of its latest OS X update known as Mavericks, set for a launch sometime this year.

iCloud Keychain was introduced to the masses back at the company’s WWDC event in early June. There Apple talked up all of what the feature offers, including the ability to store website logins, credit card information, and Wi-Fi networks. Moreover iCloud Keychain integrates well with all products on iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks.

It’s funny, when I updated to the iOS 7 GM addition around midnight, I did notice that the feature had went missing when I scrolled through the settings, but I just figured they moved it somewhere else I didn’t see. Plus it was midnight, so I was beat anyway.

Anyway, we’ll keep you posted on why it didn’t make the last cut for iOS 7. If you guys have information to why hit us up in the comments, or email.

Via MacRumors

  • Prasad Tiruvalluri

    I think fear of NSA snooping might be the reason…

  • oxjox

    Check again. It’s in the settings for Safari.

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