One year of Google Now summarized in 10-minute video

You may not have realized it, but Google has been steadily improving its Google Now service over the past year. If you haven’t used it, Google Now is the company’s intelligent assistant that mixes search with voice command. You tell Google Now what you want and the service will find it for you. It’s available in Android 4.1 or higher and on an iOS devices.

Google Now started off small — I remembering using it to check the weather, traffic and planes overhead, but it has expanded over the past 12 months. Google has added so many new features to Google Now that it takes 10 minutes to cover all the questions you can ask and the answers you will get. Check out the video embedded below and see all the different things you can do with Google Now. It’s impressive.

[via Android Police]

  • Steve Ballmer

    Google Now is legit.

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