Samsung Galaxy S4 with Tizen 3.0 shows up in Indonesia

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Tizen 3.0 shows up in Indonesia

Looks like Samsung won’t give up on Tizen that easily. In fact, a Galaxy S4 unit running Tizen 3.0 has been caught in Indonesia. That’s the version of the platform that will only be released in early 2014 — the current version is 2.0.

Now we’re not sure that the Korean company will actually launch a Tizen-based device this year. We have conflicting information on this: on one hand, some sources suggest Tizen is dead, while others are saying Sammy’s first Tizen smartphone could be released by the end of this year.

It’s still unclear whether there’s future in Tizen or not. Intel has invested heavily in this platform and so is Samsung. At the same time, Sammy is currently making a ton of cash from Android, which has helped it reach the top spot in the market. The Korean company may be hedging its bets now that Google has its own handset making capacities (after acquiring Motorola).

We do think there’s room for another platform on the market but we’re not sure that will be Tizen. Cause there are also other players like Windows Phone, Ubuntu, BlackBerry and Firefox OS…

[Via: Unwired View]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Samsung doesn’t seem that much interested to push Tizen forward.

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