AT&T Next Pricing For iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Revealed

With pre-orders for the iPhone 5c kicking off at midnight, AT&T recently revealed its pricing for its Next program.

The 16GB iPhone 5s will start at $27 per month and the 16GB iPhone 5c will start at $22 per month with AT&T Next. Check out the full pricing breakdown for both models below!

On-Contract Pricing:

iPhone 5s 16GB : $199

iPhone 5s 32GB : $299

iPhone 5s 64GB : $399

iPhone 5c 16GB : $99

iPhone 5c 32GB : $199

AT&T Next Pricing:

iPhone 5s 16GB : $27 per month

iPhone 5s 32GB : $32 per month

iPhone 5s 64GB : $37 per month

iPhone 5c 16GB : $22 per month

iPhone 5c 32GB : $27 per month

If you’re grabbing one of the new iPhones on AT&T, will you be signing a contract or going with Next?

[Via: AT&T]

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