Xiaomi Mi4 to come with the company’s own MiOS instead of Android?

Xiaomi MiOS

Xiaomi has intriguing plans that involve dumping Google’s Android platform altogether. According to a recent rumor, the Chinese company may use its own MiOS for the next flagship product, Mi4. That OS is apparently already being tested though we’re sure there’s a long road ahead before it’s ready for the prime time.

Xiaomi uses custom skin MIUI that runs on top of Android. No Google apps were to be found in Xiaomi’s phones and users have access to the custom-built Xiaomi app store (from where they can get Google’s apps if they fancy so). Taking another step forward doesn’t seem unimaginable for a Chinese handset maker though we presume that this OS will be able to run Android apps. Moreover, we would have to guess that any Xiaomi phone released in the West will run some “MIUI Lite” that does offer quick access to Google’s apps and services.

The Chinese company has just recently launched its latest flagship device, Mi3, that comes with either NVIDIA Tegra 4 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip.

[Via: GizChina, CNbeta]

  • cooldoods

    Google apps running on an Android fork? I think this will be Aliyun all over again.

    • Thor91


  • PeterSteinbeck

    Not sure Xiaomi will be able to pull this off. No matter how fast they’re growing these days…

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