Swype co-founder launches Dryft to improve typing on tablets

Swype co-founder launches Dryft to improve typing on tablets

Virtual keyboards like Swype and SwiftKey (my favorite) have improved typing on smartphones. However, when it comes to tablets, there’s still work to be done as the same approach doesn’t come with faster typing you would expect from a big screen device. Many of us are turning to physical keyboards to “solve” this issue but one company thinks there’s another approach to this.

A new start-up named Dryft may have an answer. Founded by Swype’s co-founder Randy Marsden and managing partner of VC firm Bridgescale Rob Chaplinsky, the company has patented innovation that not only uses the touch sensors but also the accelerometer sensor in the tablet to tell the difference between the user resting and typing. This in turn would allow users to keep their fingers on the virtual keyboard at all times with software being able to recognize when you’re typing and when you’re just resting your hands.

Dryft is described as the industry’s first dynamic keyboard that “automatically forms the keys around the user’s fingers, eliminating the need to feel the keys.” Not sure I agree with that claim (cause I want to feel the keys) – but alas, I’m willing to try out Dryft’s product as soon as it’s out. And it’s currently in beta development with the company seeking OEM customers, developers and investors. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for too long to see what these guys can do. Cause this sounds promising…

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Looks promising. And when you think about it – it doesn’t make much sense to type slower on a tablet than on a smartphone which is currently the case.

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