Nokia tested Android while Microsoft played with Surface Phone prototypes

Surface Phone

Now that Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia is a done deal we get to learn some interesting tidbits that could’ve changed the course of history. You see, before talking with Redmond giant over a possible sale of its handset business, Nokia did experiment with Android, preparing a low-end handset that supposed to launched in 2014. The Finns even wanted to create a custom version of Android similar to those Android is offering in its Kindle Fire tablets.

Although this information was kept away from Microsoft, they did know something like that was in the pipeline and perhaps that’s one of the reasons they went on with acquisition. Cause if Nokia launched a single Android-based device and it sold well, that could easily turn the table around in Google’s favor, with Nokia adopting Android as its main platform.

Meanwhile, Microsoft had its own “plan B” to repeat the “Surface story” with a smartphone. Sources familiar with these plans have revealed to TheVerge that a number of prototypes have been built to test the viability of such a device. This “Surface Phone” was intended to be ready in case Nokia canceled its commitment to Windows Phone. Alas that hasn’t happened and the rest is history. Still it’s interesting to speculate how the things would look like if Nokia adopted Android and Microsoft had to build its own phones (which it will now do). Any thoughts?

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I wish Microsoft didn’t buy Nokia. 🙁

    • anthonybrown0917

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  • Sam

    Definitely would have a Nokia Lumia in my hands right now if it were android.

  • bartdog

    Nokia might have fared as badly as HTC. Sammy owns android and all others are fighting for scraps.

    • SPM

      Well, the interesting thing is that all companies that try to produce Windows Phone in significant numbers are doing very badly in terms of profitability. HTC and Nokia are the main ones. This leads to the conclusion that HTC made a bad licensing deal with Microsoft like Nokia did, and were committed to buying licensing for certain numbers of Windows licenses from Microsoft every year. Nokia now produces 84% of Windows Phones, and HTC produces most of the rest. This means other manufacturers are dropping Windows Phone, and the token numbers that the others make is likely to do with licensing deals they for Microsoft’s patent licensing scam requiring them to also make Windows phones if they make Android phones in order to benefit from preferable licensing terms in the form of patent scam license “discounts”. Why else would Samsung make its tiny output of Windows Phones?

  • Mitchem

    all the problem behind this is the dear elop itself,wonder what is he up to now……..

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