Verizon’s DROID DNA getting Android 4.2 with Sense 5 soon

Verizon's DROID DNA getting Android 4.2 with Sense 5 soon

Verizon will soon start rolling out Android 4.2 update for the last year’s DROID DNA. A fairly ugly page at the carrier’s website details all the changes and we want to save you from losing your sight by looking at it.

Aside from the Android version boost, users will also get HTC’s Sense 5 that will make the DROID DNA look like the HTC One with few features missing here and there. One of the things not included in this update is Zoe though I guess everyone can live without photo bursts. The (in)famous BlinkFeed comes included and so do new versions of the calendar, dialer, gallery and contacts apps.

We like the fact that Verizon hasn’t forgot its DROID DNA users and are hoping to see this update hitting DNAs in the next few days. Make sure your battery has enough juice to complete the process before hitting that button, though.

  • anthonybrown0917

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  • Sparty73

    Why I think it’s probably likely, it’s a bit presumptuous to state that it’ll be a 4.2 update. HTC stated a couple weeks ago that they’re trying to push 4.3 to the DNA and HTC One, and there’s nothing on the linked page that suggests what version of Android will be included. It only details the Sense changes from 4+ to 5.

    • Rex_D

      Especially since the page isn’t even there anymore.

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