Apple’s M7 co-processor will benefit Maps, too

Apple’s M7 coprocessor is all about measuring motion. While its most obvious application is for health and fitness apps, Apple also is touting the coprocessor’s ability to assist in Maps and navigation. According to Apple’s website, the M7 can tell whether you are walking or driving. Once your phone knows you are walking, it can respond appropriately by switching Maps to walking directions and recommending nearby WiFi hotspots.

“M7 knows when you’re walking, running or even driving. For example, Maps switches from driving to walking turn-by-turn navigation if, say, you park and continue on foot. Since M7 can tell when you’re in a moving vehicle, iPhone 5s won’t ask you to join WiFi networks you pass by. And if your phone hasn’t moved for a while, like when you’re asleep, M7 reduces network pinging to spare your battery.”

This is only one example of how the data from the M7 can be used to enable a whole new set of motion-aware features on your iPhone. I look forward to other applications that creative developers will dream up once they start using iOS 7 on the iPhone 5s.

[Via TUAW and Apple]

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